Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wildlife Wednesday

Those *bleepin'* Deer!

Remember how proud I was of the effort put into my garden several weeks back?

Garden n June 5
One evening earlier this week I was commenting on how pretty the impatiens were, full of blooms  mounded in the big urns by the walkway.  (Actually, I almost broke my arm patting myself on the back for using Deer Off to salvage them.)

Well, this is what I saw the very next morning.

Not only that, they decimated the hostas ...

... and nipped off a couple of caladiums coleus for dessert.

Now I remember why I don't enjoy fooling with the garden.  Needless to say, I've sprayed everything that remains with Deer Off again


  1. I don't live in an area with deer problems, but rabbits ate my basil plants so I can sympathize. Hope the Deer Off keeps them away.

  2. Deer treat parts of my garden like a candy store. It's discouraging, but I love the flowers.

  3. OMG... that is terrible...and yes I feel your pain... damn deer... I've been spraying with Deer Off like crazy... I think I should purchase a 50 gallon drum of the stuff ...LOL... I know it says it lasts 90 days but I spray almost every week and always after it rains. I have gotten more roses this year but they've still eaten some...hope the rest of the summer is better.

  4. Yeah, the deer ate ever bit of our garden last year - and seemed grateful that the raised beds made it so they didn't have to lean down so far to graze.
    Perhaps you need *Doberman* brand Deer Off...

  5. Yes, the deer enjoy the "salad bar" otherwise known as my garden. I gave up vegetables yesrs ago, but now they eat almost everything, despite my spraying Liquid Fence regularly. And sadly, my deer are either illiterate or they don't read the same books of deer resistent plants that I read.

  6. Oh sadness! Sorry the deer were over for dinner. Hopefully the spray worked on what was left.

  7. Oh no! So sorry the deer decimated your garden. I hope the Deer Off works to salvage the rest.


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