Tuesday, July 25, 2017

More LTG.

Keepin' on

Monday's task was flying geese.

Chevron strip
More flying geese.

Dutchman's Puzzle
And well on my way to completing the next section.

Notice I finished the pyramid block on Sunday.  Some of the geese will be replaced today before I start packing for Tennessee Quilts Quilt Fest.

Update:  Section finished this morning!

I think I have decided on a saturated yellow for the sashing (if I can find one this week) and the rainbow stripe for the border.  I might even miter the corners!

Have a great day, Y'all!


  1. The more I see that colorful smashing the more I like it!

  2. All of those flying geese are wonderful! Your little pops of color add so much.

  3. I like the flying geese blocks, too, especially the way they are put together to create a zigzag. It's really looking good, Libby!


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