Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Or better yet,

That new quilt that I'm NOT doing -- you know, Long Time Gone -- is giving me fits already.

My overall plan is to use up (or at least make a dent in) a large collection of black and white prints, with a few brights thrown in for interest.  I know, the pattern is scrappy.  And I've seen a lot of wonderful scrappy renditions among blogs I visit.  But I've also seen lovely ones done in planned colorways.

Anyway, I decided to start at the beginning and do the easy bowtie block.

My first bowtie block
That's when I discovered the instructions said to make TWO blocks.

Back to the cutting board.

Second Bowtie block 
When my blocks barely fit into my 12" x 12" project box, I realized the large squares were supposed to be 3", not the 3.5" I had cut.

Oh, well, it's a scrappy layout, too so maybe these will fit in somewhere. Or I'll make two more ... but not today!

At this rate I'll be a long time gone from the finish.


  1. I love your bow tie blocks. Amazing how the colour changes up the look. Yes, well, you know all about my issues with reading patterns and the measuring and cutting of fabrics. But you are sure to get to use these lovely blocks somehow somewhere.

  2. Well, they're pretty blocks, so I don't expect they'd end up orphans for long! I love what you're doing with colors here, so I'm looking forward to your Longer Time Gone. 8) (Mine will be an Even Longer Time Gone, I think...)

  3. You are not alone! I did the same thing except my flying geese blocks were smaller. I looked at the finished size of the units and then cut my fabric to that size. If you wanted you could cut each bowtie block to the correct size then sew the four back together. Your fabric choices look great and I am looking forward to seeing more of the LTG blocks.

  4. Very pretty blocks, sorry the size isn't right. I hate when that happens.


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