Wednesday, July 5, 2017

OMG - It's Time

To Remember

I remember sitting in the dorm window at a retreat, sipping contraband wine while we watched a wedding taking place on the bluff below.

I remember sharing secrets about our lives as free-living young women and the parallels, though we existed miles apart.

I remember her whimsical sense of humor and her abundant love of this country.

I remember the artist who recreated Carmen Miranda in a quilt ... not to mention the toilet seat quilt, "It's a Girl Thing."

#   #   #

Most often, when I put a quilt I'm working on aside it's because I need to fix something that bothers me, or I've run out of fabric, or it's time for borders, or I am waiting for inspiration.

But with Asian Pinwheels, it was because I couldn't bear to remember.  You see, when it was discovered she had a large inoperable tumor in her belly, our little bee made her a quilt.  The theme colors were black/red/cream.  I knew she had a penchant for Oriental/Asian fabrics and motifs.  Conveniently, I had made a sample block in these colors several months earlier and it was the right size.

First Asian Pinwheel block
But the corners weren't exactly cream so in the end I made a pineapple block.

Judy's Pineapple
I liked the pinwheel block so much I decided that I would make more for a quilt for myself.  Then she died and every time I got the quilt out to work on, it was too painful.  Now it's time.

I used the snowball corners to make the pinwheel cornerstones.  The triple sashing will separate the blocks so I don't have to worry about matching the snowball corners.  And something red will go on the border.

This is my One Monthly Goal for July:  Finish Asian Pinwheel top.


  1. I recently worked on a very emotional quilt. Just plowed through it til it was done. Good luck and many hugs.

  2. Working on this lovely design will be therapeutic as you remember your friend. And finishing it will provide positive closure.

  3. Your quilt is going to be beautiful... as beautiful as your memories of your friend. Peace to you, Libby.

  4. Although all those emotions hurt like the dickens, they are the testament to your beautiful relationship and the love you shared. I'm so sorry you lost your friend! But I rejoice with you that your friendship with her was the real deal, deep and lasting, and that's rare in this life. Hopefully, your emotions will evolve into joyous memories as you work on this quilt and think of her.

  5. It's going to be a gorgeous quilt. So sorry you lost your friend. Hopefully the quilt will help you remember all the fun times.

  6. This will be a beautiful quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  7. What a sweet remembrance. It will be a great quilt. mary in Az

  8. Oh Libby, I feel your emotions too. I put away a quilt because the inspiration passed over. Your memory pinwheel quilt is just so good. I like the design so much, and that you have been able to return to it.

  9. You must be ready, Libby, and what a sweet way to remember your friend. I hope working on this quilt gives you a chance to think of her and enjoy the memories.

  10. I miss her a lot! Sharon B in Franklin

  11. Sending you quilty hugs as you work through this special quilt top.

  12. Death is just so damn hard to deal with--but it sounds like you are dealing. Take care of yourself.


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