Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday


We now live on a man-made lake and one of the building lot regulations requires a seawall to prevent sediment (and other bad stuff) from getting into the lake.

Seawalls at lake level
Our lot is one of only a few on Lake Dartmoor that are exempt because we are on a natural rock promentory.

View from the rock
I might add that this rock was also the cause of my recent ankle incident!  It is also why ours is a favored fishing location.
THE rock
From our dock the rock grades back down to the water, extending into the new neighbor's lot a bit.  And this spot is a favored location for a family of four ducks to to take their afternoon bath.

Daily bath
They primp and plump and flutter and flap until one of them decides it's time to paddle off  and the others follow in a line.

Life on the lake is never dull.


  1. I looked up "Lake Dartmoor about" and got not only Tennessee (I learned that it was created by a dam in 1984) but also "The Lakes of Dartmoor":

  2. Your spot on the lake is gorgeous! Last posts...The pop of colour amid the black and white in those blocks is inspired quilting. Also love those neutral blocks and I have Jen’s small town life pattern to tackle some day. Love her designs but unsure of my skills.

  3. What a gorgeous location, and a good buy for you to be on the rock and save seawall money! The ducks must be fun to watch each day.


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