Sunday, November 11, 2018


Today was a beautiful day to reflect and remember 11/11/18.

The church we have been attending erects flags all across the property on patriotic holidays.

There is a display case in the church lobby filled with retired flags that will never fly again.

We also had a QOV presentation today to one of the members, a Japanese-American from Hawaii who rose to Brigadier General, serving in both Vietnam and Iraq.

Brig. Gen Wong
It was my first time witnessing a QOV presentation.
The makers and quilter are members of the guild I recently joined.


  1. Hi Libby, I rang my sleigh bells on our evening walk and it was actually nice to have the small sounds echoing in the trees. I thought about my grandfather who died in World War II and my Dad who was a Korean vet. We must respect all of that.
    Other things...Loosey goosey is so colourful. And I loved your trees piece..what a beautiful border you are piecing.

  2. Our church did a really nice service for Veterans Day, too. The QOV presentation is very moving, isn't it? I'm glad your guild is involved!! :)

  3. Sounds like you had an extra special day!

  4. Definitely a good day for remembrance.

  5. That sounds like a perfect day!!! Glad you were able to be there!


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