Sunday, November 11, 2018

Loosey Goosey Trees

Retreat Final Day

My plan for Wednesday was to put the finishing touches on Loosey Goosey; however, as I reported in yesterday's post, that plan was thwarted on several fronts.

I had brought several extra projects to retreat "just in case," but I wasn't in the mood to concentrate; I needed some mindless sewing.  So out came the "tree" project.

Leftovers from Winter Trees border  ...

... had already been put into a small flimsy ...

... but it was a quite small and I still had lots of bits left over.  Since I had already made the snowball corner cutoffs into a mound of pinwheels quarter-square/broken dishes, ...

... I set about adding borders to make them bigger.

Set on point with some setting triangles ...

All that's left is to measure and do the math for the inner/stop border.  And think of something to do with the leftover quarter-squares ...

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  1. You'd never know those were left overs. That project looks very planned and scripted. Congrats on a very pretty near finish.

  2. Great way to use those leftovers and put them to good use. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. I like how you're using those leftovers, Libby! The border blocks are really neat. Leftovers keep creating leftovers, don't they? Sometimes you just have to laugh!

  4. Pretty!! I like where you are headed with this quilt. LOVE the fact that you put some of the leftovers to work for the border!!

  5. Leftover leftovers are just downright silly, aren't they? (I end up with them, too!) I know you'll come up with a wonderful idea!

  6. I love those colours, my favourite palette!


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