Monday, November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving's Over

On to Christmas!

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.  We were with Son-2 and family in Conway, Arkansas.
My favorite part of spending this holiday with them is seeing all the family mementos that have made the holidays special for years.

Delicious spread
Not only was the food delicious, but the table was spread with DIL's grandmother's china 
and Son-2's grandmother's crystal.  

And Priscilla and John took their honored position by the turkey.

John and Priscilla
A friend of my mother made these figurines in the 60s.

On Friday Son-2 always breaks out the Christmas decorations.

Tree, waiting for a new string of lights
The felt tree skirt was made by my mother in 1970, Son-2's birth year.

Stockings hung by the fire
Stockings knit by my MIL along with the Santa she painted.

Quilted wall tree I made a few years ago ...

... and my first fusible applique project from about 15 years ago.

Now it's time to decorate in The Glade!


  1. How fun to see your family treasures used by your son and DIL. I just love the painted Santa! Enjoy your decorating. Mine will be done in the next couple of weeks... I hope! :)

  2. I'm royally sick of turkey at this point, and I still think your spread looks good! 8)

  3. It's so nice to see the family heirlooms in use and not just stored away. Enjoy your decorating. Till we are sure we've de-miced the house, no Christmas decorations are going up.

  4. That is such a nice collection of both memories and heirlooms. How fortunate that Son-2 and his wife are the kind who appreciate these things and care for them.

  5. It's fun to bring out favorite decorations every year. I remember when a friend said she had gotten rid of all the ornaments and was starting a new theme for their tree. I choked. All the ornaments? Yikes.


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