Saturday, November 10, 2018

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018

Nearing the End

Finished all the Loosey Goosey columns while at retreat, 
but forgot to plan for filling in the pointy ends so could not put them together.  

Just as well, as I discovered a major problem.

A little lot too long
The light blue strip ended up too long!
I've counted, it has the same number of geese.
I believe I stitched it on a different machine while we were moving.
No way to salvage except to take apart so I just took it OUT!

Also this minor issue ...

Tipsy geese
Mr. Lakeside suggested putting the aqua strip in place of the light blue.
I'll need to make some adjustments as I intended those geese to fly down.

Final column arrangement
I think I've been able to balance value and left/right columns successfully.
And I'm not going to stress over clipped wings.

Clipped wings
Celebrating a near finish by linking with Angela at soscrappy.


  1. Oh, Libby, the geese look great! You chose a wonderful design for RSC.

  2. Fantastic! All these challenges come up with scrappy projects made over time :)
    Great job on the wild geese!

  3. This is such a great design for scrappy quilts. Congrats! on your near finish!

  4. These geese are wild! Maybe you could divide up that too-long strip and use parts of it for a border? Or put it on the back? Congrats on being almost done!

  5. You are not alone. I am sure that all these little challenges would have happened to me too have I attempted to make this design. It is still a wonderful quilt. The final arrangement is perfect. The end is near. ;^)

  6. I love those geese, and the layout you chose! It's interesting that a different machine made that much difference in the length of the blue strip. Maybe that one could become part of the back?

  7. That looks so wonderful, Libby! Maybe use those blue geese on the back? Congrats on a great RSC project!

  8. I love your tipsy geese! (There's a Grey Goose vodka and a Goose Island Beer - do you suppose they've been indulging?)

  9. I love the geese, too! A strip quilt has been on my bucket list for a long time; I just haven't decided between braids, four-patches, coins, and now flying geese. Maybe I had better find time for one of each!


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