Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Revisiting an Old Friend

Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone - Jen Kingwell design
This one has been gone a LONG time.  I think the last time I worked on it was August 2017!  That was when I got infatuated by another Jen Kingwell design, Gypsy Wife.

Gypsy Wife - Jen Kingwell design
I was attempting to clean up the sewing room yesterday, getting ready to entertain the Devo and Sew group for their Christmas Party.  Well, LTG had exploded all over one of my sewing tables and I thought if I assessed my progress and organized the fabrics, maybe even cut and kit up some of the blocks, I could clean up the mess.

Can you believe that Nann/No Strings Attached sent me a picture of someone's finished LGT yesterday and she had NO idea how I had spent my day!!!


  1. I’m glad you’ve pulled this one out again. I love the black and whites with the pops of yellow. It will be fun to see more of this one.

  2. I like that black/white and pops of yellow, too! Are you feeling inspired to work on it again?

  3. Looking forward to seeing this project come along. I did Long Time Gone and two Gypsy Wives in 2017!

  4. You should definitely spring that one from the project box and give it another go.

  5. I love both of those quilts. SEW glad to see that you may be making some progress on them soon!!

  6. There must be something in the air - I finished my LTG a few days ago! (I'm giving it to my youngest daughter today as an early Christmas gift. Hopefully I'll remember to get a photo!)
    Good luck with a finish for you!

  7. It is good to see Long Time Gone back up on your design wall. It is amazing how the yellow accent makes the black/white blocks shine. Also in case you are interested, Jen Kingwell has designed the 2019 mystery quilt for Quiltmania magazine.

  8. There's no doubt about it, Jen Kingwell has a way with designs that put a lot of different patterns together. Good luck with your LTG finish!

  9. LOL! I'm catching up with your posts . . .


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