Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Quilt Awesome

S'mores Retreat 2018

Two of our S'mores lost a family member in an ATV accident a couple of years ago.  He was known as an "awesome dude" and a scholarship has been set up in his name.  We are supporting the fund with our T-shirts.


  1. What a GREAT way to support your friend and have darling shirts at the same time!!! I'd buy a shirt and support the fund, too! :)

  2. Very fun t-shirts for a very good cause. I'm behind on the blog reading, but am trying to get caught up this weekend. Your retreat projects are all fun. My Celtic Solstice is still in pieces somewhere in my sewing room. I'll get there at some point. Your version turned out beautifully. Enjoy the rest of the retreat and safe travels on your trip home.


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