Monday, May 27, 2019

A Little Patriotic Stitching

... Almost

Now that the snowbirds have returned to the Glade, our social calendar is filling up.  Add in chiropractor visits and my guild responsibilities as Education chair (someone had to step in) and that hasn't left much stitching time this week.

I decided it was time to get back to my Dawn to Dusk (from More Nickel Quilts) project.  While "auditing" a class at 4th Friday Sit-n-Sew, I used my time to cut about 20 more blocks which I put together today.

I prepped about 25 more blocks this afternoon but after making mistakes assembling the first three blocks after dinner tonight I decided I should give it a rest!

I also assembled  a stack of Strip Twist blocks while I was tending the class on Friday (as Ed chair I have to open and close so I chose to stay and sew ... and listen to the class ...)

I think I need to make a few more blocks before I start laying this one out.  Besides, I want to get the blue quilt together and off the wall first.

A patriotic sunset  

Sunset 5/27/19
I wish my phone camera would catch the reflection in the water.  It looks like pink Kool-aid.


  1. Dawn to Dusk is looking good. Sounds like you've found a way to be productive while carrying out your Ed Chair duties. Happy stitching this week.

  2. I like your Dawn To Dusk progress. Nice that you are able to stay and sew and make use of the time in between opening and closing the meeting. Another beautiful sunset!


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