Thursday, May 9, 2019

By George ...

I've got it!

Remember last week when I requested suggestions for  new Rainbow Scrap Challenge block to start a new collection?  Well, this morning it hit me.

Buckeye Beauties!

When photographing the Tiny Tuesday blocks I finished last night ...

... I thought they look a lot like Buckeye Beauties.  Then I remembered the orange and lime collection of BBs I started in April 2016.

Brentwood Beauties
These little beauties will finish at 4 inches.  Apparently I was also thinking about pinwheels ...

So my new collections will be Buckeye Beauties and Pinwheels!  Easy Peasy and should use up a lot of scraps really fast -- or at least I hope so.


  1. I'm a Jewel Box girl, myself. Enjoy your new/old blocks!!

  2. Libby, your black and white Jen Kingwell blocks are gorgeous. I know you will make something great from them.
    These blocks are beauties too. I'd never heard of the Buckeye pattern but a number of bloggers have been making them. Always so much to learn!


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