Thursday, May 2, 2019

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

New Month - New Color!

April snuck a 5th Tiny Tuesday in, but I pretended I didn't notice.  I may go back and reverse applique that little heart at a later point in time; but, for now, I'm moving on to ORANGE!

Always first on my agenda in a new month:  Chandelier Beads.

Chandelier Beads
The most challenging thing about this simple block is finding a scrap chunk big enough to cut a 3.5" square and still have enough left for two 2" squares.  I have a big selection in yardage but this is a scrap challenge, after all!

I have my three Double Shot (Double X) blocks cut and managed to get the first one completed before bedtime last night.

Double Shot
Too bad the new color isn't hot pink.

Big Rhody in bloom


  1. I like those two blocks you are making - nice!

  2. Libby, I would so love to see a scarlet tanager. Apparently they are around here as well but I've never seen one. And you got a photo too.
    Gorgeous blocks as always and such a fine blush pink flower.

  3. Just love those chandelier bead blocks--I have never seen a scarlet tanager--only cardinals in that beautiful red here...we presently have a territorial robin smashing himself against our living room picture window...what a mess--we have to pull the blinds to stop him...not fun...hugs, Julierose

  4. Lovely blocks Libby. I hope to get my orange scraps out today.


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