Friday, May 17, 2019

Burr under my saddle

Strip Storage

Some things just annoy me to the point I need to take action. 
Believe me, this doesn't happen often 😏
This week it's this mess.


A couple years ago I attempted to organize my scraps a la Bonnie Hunter into some sort of "Scrap Users System."  I sorted 1.5", 2", and 2.5" strips.  I even cut some miscellaneous chunks into these frequently-used sizes.  The problem is I don't make scrappy quilts!  At least, rarely do I go totally scrappy.  So my boxes and bins just sat on the shelf.  And the strips developed more ravelly edges the longer they sat.

The day had come when I couldn't stand it any longer!  I have to admit, though, that coming across a free Bonnie Hunter pattern while purging my pattern files was a big inspiration.  The pattern, Strip Twist, uses 2.5" strips.

Strip Twist by Bonnie Hunter
So I started randomly sewing light/dark strip twosies and then paired them to make foursies and cut them into 8.5" chunks.

I have to admit it was kinda liberating to just grab and sew!  AND, I threw away any bits that were less than 2.5"!!!  Sadly, I've hardly made a dent in the bins so far but I intend to keep going, perhaps with a more controlled palette with some of the fabrics that have multiple strips already cut.

My rough sample showed me I need to watch for repeat fabrics and that the really light fabrics seem to just disappear in the mix.

Test Block
Each quadrant is 8 inches so a finished block will be 16 inches.  That should make a nice size quilt go together quickly.  I'll start pairing up blocks at the next Devo and Sew day.


  1. You THREW AWAY anything less than 2"?!?! And, here, I thought you were my friend! (Insert pouty face here.)

  2. I'm right there with you... I rarely make scrappy quilts, but do produce a lot of scraps! I have plans to make a scrappy pineapple quilt this summer, so this is motivating me to get my scraps somewhat organized. I haven't started yet, though. :(


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