Monday, May 13, 2019

Humble Quilts Doll Swap

Today's the big day

Participants in Lori's doll quilt swap will be linking up at Humble Quilts to share the quilt they received from their swap partner.  Size couldn't be larger that 24" and fabrics no later than 1910.

This was my second swap -- the first was modern and quite different!  In both cases, though, there was a bit of fear and trepidation that my offering might not measure up and would I be pleased with what I received.  I'm happy to report I was not disappointed in either case.

Well before the assigned deadline of April 30, this delightful little quilt showed up in my mailbox.

All the way from Grand Island, Nebraska ... Thank you, Vicki!

Vicki used some lovely reproductions prints that I had never seen before.

Beautifully executed, quilted and bound.  I'm thrilled.

Check out the sweet beauties other swappers received at Humble Quilts.


  1. So cute. Great fabrics. Her label is perfect as well.

  2. What an interesting design! Enjoy your swap quilt.

  3. Such a cute quilt! But no fabrics later than 1910???? Repros, I assume. But how do you know their dates - just use Civil War repros?


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