Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Today was Devo and Sew day.  We work on our own projects as well as spending time on encouragement quilts for friends and members of the congregation that need a quilty lift.  Several of my recent projects were destined to be encouragement quilts so I delivered them today. 

Baubles and Beads
My Rainbow Scrap Challenge project, Chandelier Beads, still needs a border.  It will be an easy project for someone to finish on our "Encouragement Day" in November.  Since the lighting is better there, I took a closeup of the background fabric which has been so much fun to work with this year.

You may be able to see the WOW I used for the setting triangles.  It has Asian cranes printed on it.

Another recent project, Manly 4-Patch (please don't yell at me for being sexist), went to the cause today.

Manly 4-Patch
This quilt was originally intended for the homeless Vets home, but when the guild I belong to decided to use only patriotic colors, I decided to pass this on to Devo.  Here's a closeup of the fabric I chose for the alternate squares.

Since green is one color in nature that goes with everything, I fall back on green when I need a "neutralizing" agent.

I also took Bonnie Hunter's Strip Twist for someone to add the borders on our Encouragement Day.  Forgot to get a picture, though.  And there was an unfinished kit I added to the pile; it basically needs horizontal sashing and two or three borders.  Another unfinished project, Contrary Mary, needs at least one more block to make it a usable size; hopefully we can get that one ready to finish on our work day.

I took advantage of our large flat cutting area (kitchen cabinets) to trim Double Shot.

Double Shot
This was another RSC project this year.  I will be looking for an appropriate border fabric and will probably keep this one.


  1. Love Baubles and Beads,Libby! How could that fail to encourage someone.

  2. Such great projects, Libby! I like the green you used with those four patches. I never think to use green as a background color, but it works so nicely there to tie the other colors together!

  3. What a great idea to have Encouragement quilts for members of your congregation. The quilts you have made for that are just beautiful and will certainly lift someones spirits.

  4. Great projects that ANYONE would be happy to receive, Libby!!

  5. Wow, you've been busy! Great use for your rainbow scrap blocks. Your "masculine" four patch looks great, and I totally agree with you that nature's greens are the best neutrals. I love your Chandelier Beads - perfect background print.

  6. I just zipped to your blog via Little Penguin Quilts to see your 4-patch, and wow I love it! Lol on the use of "manly" - you go girl! Like Diann, I never think to use green as a neutralizing color, but now I will look more closely at my languishing green stash.
    I LOVE your Chandelier Beads and will look for that pattern.

  7. All beautiful quilts.love the background on baubles and beads

  8. These are all beautiful quilts and they all have tiny piecing (in my opinion). All of these will make wonderful gifts for someone who needs it.

  9. I love your Chandelier quilt, that's my favorite. But all your donation quilts look great and will be appreciated by those needing a lift.

  10. Libbey! a chandelier done! It just looks great and I love the background fabric a lot. Scattered the colors... hmmm....

  11. You've been so busy Libby! I can't decide which quilt I like best! Well done you! Have a great week!

  12. I did this same layout where the 9 patches were red and white,(scrappy of course) and the solid block was a cheddar orange. Great quilt, gave it to my brother!


  13. Love that Baubles and Beads quilt....and the manly 4-patch.

  14. Love both your quilts. Nice use of fabrics.

  15. There's lots of talk about the Beads block on the Stashbusters group (in its new location at groups.io). It is ideal for a group project and I'm going to propose it to the ALA Biblioquilters for 2020. Thanks!


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