Sunday, October 6, 2019


... or not ...

I am participating in the Mosaic Mystery hosted by Cheryl at Meadow Mist.  I like that the clues are spaced out to one per month.  Plenty of time to accomplish each step!  Maybe too much time?

 Meadow Mist Designs

I also like that the number of fabrics is limited and Cheryl advised us in advance which fabrics would/would not touch.  I quickly chose a very neutral palette for the first clue in July.

My fabric choices revolved around the large floral on the bottom.   I'm hoping it will work as a border because it has been in my stash for while and needs a home.  Also critical was a background that I had at least 3 yards of.

Clue 2, easy cutting, was finished within days of the clue being published in August.

Then I began to fall behind.  September's clue was easy enough -- 32 six-inch house blocks.  But my September was full of travel and guild obligations.  Before I knew it, the end of the month was looming and I had no houses built.  So I took the pieces with me to NC and got the 32 house blocks done as leaders/enders, as well as 64 bonus HSTs!


What, no photo?  I couldn't find them!  I searched in every piece of luggage that went to retreat with me.  I started cleaning the sewing room, uncovering every surface to see if that baggie was lurking somewhere.  I had the distinct memory of lifting it off the top of my machine when unpacking so I returned to the machine case -- empty.  The time to link up my progress expired and I still couldn't find the houses.  Confident they would show up, I proceeded with October's clue -- 7 square-in-a-square (economy) blocks.  Then it came to me in a dream (truly!); I had trimmed the houses and HSTs at Devo and Sew on Tuesday.  And even though I had looked in that bag before, I took a second look and there. they. were!

Ahh, 7 SiaSs, 32 houses, 64 HSTs accounted for ... but wait ...  Why is everyone else making two quilts?  A review of this month's clue revealed that I should have made TWO sets of SiaSs, one with Fabric A in the center, and one with Fabric C on the corners.

Big Sigh.

You know what I'll be working on this afternoon ...


  1. Oh, the pain of multiple bags and traveling projects. Sigh...

  2. At least you found them! My little scissors are still MIA, etc again. I’ve had solutions come to me in a dream before, but that’s all I remember - that I solved it. I can’t remember what the solution was.

  3. I love that you dreamed about the missing pieces! What a great dream to have! (I'm still having nightmares about my work life, and I retired 4 years ago!) Pretty colors, Libby! I like the fall feel of them.

  4. Awesome that your dreams told you where your houses were! So glad you found them. I really like where this quilt is going. The fabrics are beautiful!

  5. So glad you found your blocks. Your neutral color palette should work really well in this quilt. Love that border fabric.


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