Sunday, October 13, 2019

Weekend in the Mountains

A travelogue and quilt show

The drive over the mountain on Thursday involved stops at the sewing machine spa in Harriman followed by lunch and a gas fill-up in Sevierville.  Because of the warm dry weather we have been experiencing, there was very little evidence of fall.

Temps were still near 80 when we arrived at our destination high above Maggie Valley.  The views from SIL's cabin are always spectacular, regardless of the season.

In a couple of weeks those far hills should be a riot of color.  Cooler air and clear skies greeted us Friday morning as we headed out to the local quilt show.

It was sew nice of High Country Quilters to schedule their show to coincide with our visit!  My favorite quilt was this African animal panel One-Block Wonder.  The maker cleverly appliqued animals in a couple of the cubes as well as around the edge. 

African OBW by Patti Webb
Alex cast his viewer's choice ballot for this stained glass beauty.

Stained Glass by Susan and John Ballentine
I have a feeling that one may be in my future.  At least I have some rainbow string blocks already made as a starting point (assuming they are big enough).  I think the black sashing really makes the strings sparkle.

Two more quilts that caught my eye:

Cranberry Chutney by Jeneen Conway
Quilt Show and Tell by Cyndi Hildreth
All those little quilts were pieced!  From the show we headed to one of our favorite restaurants in the area for lunch and enjoyed a nice drive through the valley, even if there wasn't much fall color.

Saturday found us on the golf course where the only evidence of color was in the pin flags and dogwoods.

I had to stop after 5 holes as I was getting tired and my old shoes were making blisters on my little toes.  Also, my grips are deteriorating to the point my clubs slip in my hands.  So a stop at Edwin Watts Golf is scheduled on our trip home today.

It's been a pretty sedentary vacation overall, but sometimes we all need that respite from household demands.  I have been stitching binding on a Christmas quilt ...

... and admiring the wall hanging I made for the cabin when it was new.

SIL and her co-owner friends consider this the "Summer" hanging as it has golfers in one of the lower fabrics.  While they enjoyed "Winter" early this year ...

Winter Trees

... they have not yet hung the "Fall" one I gave them for Christmas.

Fall Trees

Needless to say, "Spring" has been requested.

Once the laundry is done and the dishes back on the shelf we will be headed home.  This morning it was 52 in the valley and 37 back home in the Glade.  I think Fall has finally fell.


  1. Thanks for sharing that quilt fest--lovely works! I really like your bargello wall hanging,.,nice choice of fabrics hugs, Julierose

  2. I love Alex's quilt pick and the glorious mountain scenery!! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the Spring wall hanging that will soon be in the works! :P

  3. That looks likes a lovely weekend! Such beautiful views where you live! (We have them, too, just so very different from your part of the country.) I like that stained glass string quilt, too - the black sashing really adds to the stained glass look!

  4. Boy, you sure had some gorgeous views on your trip, between the mountains and the quilts. Glad you had a nice visit.

  5. Fall fell here, too. We've got that riot of color thing going on all over the place!

  6. Lovely pictures, Libby. I love the African quilt especially, but that stained glass one is also a knockout. Glad you had a nice, relaxing time.

  7. What a lovely trip you and hubby had. It sounds very relaxed and enjoyable. Just my cup of tea. Meanwhile I love seeing your work Libby. Lucky recipients of these pieces.

  8. Autumn color is delayed here too. The trees are just starting to turn. Looks like a great get away and a fun quilt show.


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