Friday, October 11, 2019

Question for my readers

DH and I went to a local guild's quilt show today.  The smaller quilts and wall hangings were suspended from drapery with these clips.

A double pin on the back of the clip went through the drapery.

Does anybody know what these are called and where one can get them?  Silly me forgot to ask someone at the show before we left ....


  1. On Amazon, they're 1InTheOffice Cubicle Clips. I used to have some in my cubicle. Also Staples has them online (called cubicle clips there, too, so that must be the name), but apparently our local store doesn't carry them.

    1. I looked at Staples and Office Depot/Max and, indeed, they are called Cubicle Clips! I'm too far from working in a cubicle to even think of such a thing. Thanks, Chris.

  2. Interesting item. I've never seen those before. It's been 25 years since I worked in a cubicle. I'm pretty sure Cubicle Clips hadn't been invented yet!

  3. I worked in a cubicle a long time ago and I too must have stopped before they were invented. Looks like a great way to avoid putting a sleeve on a quilt!

  4. They are indeed cubicle clips. Amazon and Staples both have them. We use them at work all the time.


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