Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Feathered Star

So here it is ...

Feathered Star
This was my third attempt at making a feathered star, the first I've ever finished!  Cindy Williams (the Math Whisperer) makes it SO easy.

We arrived at Lake Junaluska, NC on Thursday afternoon.  The evening assignment was to make the HSTs using Triangulations paper (same concept as Thangles and some other brands).  Not my favorite way to make them.  After the long drive, trying to keep 3 cars in caravan, and making wrong turns, I decided to wait till the morning to sew anything.

First up Friday morning were the HSTs.  Then we learned how to cut the diamond tips and added those to the HSTs in strips.  Next we learned how to cut the kite shapes.  We learned partial seams in assembling the star points.  Saturday had us truncating quarter squares to make the center and by Saturday afternoon, all I had left to do was the mitered border which I was able to finish Sunday morning.

There was not an ugly star in the bunch!  Other people were doing more complex borders, but I was determined to leave with a finished project so I took the simpler road.  The fancier star in the front row is for a different quilt.  And the bargello on the left was her first quilt!

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  1. Love seeing your star close up, Libby! It has a pretty, fall look to it, and I like your borders. I've never used any of those methods for making HSTs that you mentioned - what is your preferred method?

  2. Oh, wow! FS is near the top of my list. I'll have to look up Cindy's method. Did you miss having the phone at hand while you were away?

  3. Your colors are beautiful. I've never used triangulations but have friends who swear by that method. What didn't you like about it? I am super impressed with the woman who made a bargello for her first quilt!

  4. Gorgeous feathered star!! Well done!
    I think I made one back in prehistoric times, but the center wasn't as fancy as yours. As I recall, mine just had a wimpy plain little octagon - your star center is really impressive!


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