Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Those Little Postcards Patterns

They are so darn cute

And easy! 

Purple Haze by Villa Rosa Designs
I don't remember where I picked this one up, probably Susan's in Gatlinburg.  That was way back in March.  Or it could have been Tennessee Quilts in Jonesborough in July ... Anyway, I came right home and pulled some fabric.  Where it sat until Sunday.

In my resolve to move stuff out or put it away, I found that pile calling my name.  The colors so bright, the pattern so simple.  Really!  Quarter squares, squares, and rectangles -- couldn't be simpler.  At least I could cut everything and stage it as leaders and enders.

Well, you've heard me say before how easily a L/E task will take over my life ...

I made a few mistakes, first of which was not reading the pattern thoroughly before beginning.  I anticipated how the quarter squares would be made and therefore mine ended up 4" instead of the intended 5".  Fortunately, I had not cut any of the background strips for the blocks and, even though I cut one strip too narrow, I had enough background to eek out a 4x14 setting.

All that's left is to finish the rows and put it all together.  And I never even made a project box for it!


  1. Libby, that is so fun - makes me think of lots of bright butterflies flitting around! (Or maybe you think of them as squirrels!:) Glad you were able to adjust all the sizes to make it work.

  2. A cleaner sewing room and a finished flimsy? That's definitely a win-win!

  3. That is SEW cute, Libby!! Nice job on working (most of the way) through another project. Keep up the good work!

  4. I have a little pattern for a leaf and want to make it... soon...and with fall scraps.
    yours is so cute and colorful with your brights!


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