Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Archeological Treasures

BRP Continues

Sunday I began an all-out assault on the sewing table.

There's a machine in there somewhere!
That pile on the end of the left return has been there since October 2014!! I swear it was just last week ... nevertheless ... you can read the backstory here and here. Just know that it started innocently with a quick but necessary stop at Whittle's on my way to Fall Quilt Camp 2014.

I had left my step-out samples on the design wall at home so I selected some sweet "country" prints to whip up a quick demo once I got to camp where I was teaching Wink & a Smile. Trouble is, I fell in love with the fabrics and started a new quilt.

Wink & a Smile
In my assault I made the faulty assumption that most everything was cut and all I would need to do is assess my progress and put away any excess fabric. NOT!

I was apparently overzealous in cutting strips for the 9-patch centers; I probably had enough for 3 quilts! Plus I had about a dozen additional FQs that had not been cut. What to do with the plethora of patches?

This cover quilt is my solution.

That's what's on my design wall this week. Not on my OMG list, not even much RSC16 green. But I can now see that end of the left desk extension!


  1. Congrats on your progress! And - bonus - you're getting a whole 'nother quilt out of that pile!

  2. More progress and an extra quilt - can't really do much better than that.

  3. And can't go wrong with 9-patches either, for that matter! Enjoy your progress, whether it's on the list or not!

  4. With beautiful fabrics, you can never go wrong. =) So this is your current goal - clearing it up? You're going to find more treasures! I'm in a constant state of "clean up this mess" and I find things I forgot I bought all the time. LOL

  5. When you find extra strips already cut it seems to just make sense to get them into another quilt as soon as possible so you don't have to find a spot for them.


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