Friday, May 13, 2016

Whoop-Worthy Finish

I have a dining table!

During my Big Reorganization Project (BRP) I've had a secondary machine set up on the dining room table so that I could get some essential sewing done. I was also using the dining room table as a sorting/organizing space because I lacked any large surface in the sewing room to accomplish these tasks.

I'll be the first to admit that my dining room, which is rarely used for dining, frequently becomes a dumping ground for incoming mail, laundry that needs to go upstairs, items to go to Goodwill -- well, you get my drift .... basically, anything that I don't want to despoil the rest of the main living area gets stuffed in there. And with the lights off, the mess is like mushrooms that multiply in the dark.

I'm ready to change my ways! (Remind me next month that I've said that ...)

Last week I pronounced that the table was half cleaned off. But that was before I unearthed a plethora of 1-1/2" strips in the BRP. I came upon a pattern I thought would work ...

Basketful of Taupe
... and wanted to make a test block before doing a lot of unnecessary stitching. Once again the table was buried.

However, I'm pleased with the result ...

Block 1 - Basketful of Leftovers
... but needing to get back to the matter(s) at hand, mainly the BRP, I have packed up the strips and all the pieces-parts to use as leaders/enders at retreat next week.

I got my table back (and I didn't even have to use TitleMax to get it back -- sorry, I digress).

The machine will remain through the weekend since I plan to work a bit on the swap mini. It will be packed up for retreat and then hopefully I'll find a spot for it on the main floor as I find it's been quite convenient to pop in and do a bit of stitching while dinner is cooking.

A clean table is definitely a whoop-worthy accomplishment in my world so I'm linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Also linking with soscrappy for Scrap Happy Saturday.


  1. Big congrats on your clean dining room table!

  2. Yay! for clean tables! The possibilities are endless when you have all of that clean space. Your design for your found strips is great.

  3. Congrats! I need to declutter this morning while cleaning the house. The kids are gone till tonight... so it will be clean for a few hours! Great idea to sew a bit while dinner is boiling along.

  4. I know what you mean about those flat spaces! my schoolroom table looks just the same right now, bt it's my goal to have it cleaned off by the end of the day... it just makes the whole downstairs look messy....

  5. Congrats on the cleanup job. There is such satisfaction and you have every right to be proud. Have a great time at the retreat.

  6. I have the same dumping ground...the dining room table. And that's why I make lots of bed sized quilts and no table runners!

    Congrats to you on a clean table top. Now...for how long????

  7. brp, so funny. Glad to hear other people have piles on the dining room table (DRT) Can't see the top of mine.

  8. My dining table suffers from the same syndrome. I don't sew there but it collects the mail and other detritus until the surface is no longer visible. Well done getting yours cleared off! You found a great little block for using scrap strips too; I'm going to have to remember that one.

  9. Retreat?? I want to go on a retreat!! Sigh... Back to my Decrapification Project. Harumph!

  10. Congrats on sticking with the reorganization and getting your table back. You are not alone, our dining room table seems to just accumulate whatever. I try to clean it off each weekend.


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