Monday, May 30, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Triple Bonus

Inspired by a friend, I dug out my unfinished One Block Wonder to see if it was something I could easily finish.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered that all the hexagon halves were made along with a couple of practice cubes from One-Block Wonders Encore!" by Maxine Rosenthal and Joy Pelzmann.  All that remained was to come up with a pleasing layout.

This is the fabric I started with, Jack in the Pulpit from Jane Sassaman's "Sunshine and Shadow" line by Free Spirit/Westminster fabrics. 

Jack in the Pulpit - main fabric

It's been a while since I began this project so I don't remember how much fabric I purchased. Six pattern repeats are required and judging from the estimated size of the finished object, it was likely a short repeat (about 12") so I probably started with 2 yards.

The straight lines in the pulpit flowers and stems led to some less-than-interesting blocks but I needed to use them all.

The colors of the kaleidoscope blocks broke down into a few mostly black, a few more mostly blue/purple, and a lot mostly green. I decided to use the blacks in a diagonal pattern to separate the blues on top and the greens on the bottom.

One Block Wonder Final Scheme
You can see in the photo where I added in the cubes. I have also made some half cubes to fill out spaces in the sides.

This is what's on my design wall today. It's a triple bonus because:
  1. It's another UFO that will soon be off my list,
  2. I was able to empty a deep tote and reshelve the excess fabric, and
  3. It has green, the RSC color of the month (and purple, the color for March)!
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  1. Beautiful! It's such a good feeling to release a well aged project--you wonder why it stayed incomplete. Sometimes you're sick of looking at the same thing, other times some bossier quilt jumps ahead :)

  2. Lots of color in this one. Congrats on getting another UFO moving towards a finish.

  3. And another hooray from the other me!


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