Tuesday, May 10, 2016

In Trouble Now!

More Archeological Treasures

The good news is I've cleared off over half of the dining room table!

AND I have managed to keep my newly organized shelves neat for over two weeks! My cutting table has been cleared after every cutting session and the scraps have gone directly into their appropriate container -- well, the big chunks have been piling up but I do try to get those put away every day or two.

The Trouble:  Back in the purple month -- March, it was -- I mentioned that I found quite a few 1-1/2" strips I had cut for an ill-fated sweatshirt jacket. Those were transformed into 16-patches which went into this still-to-be-finished project.

Guess what I unearthed today?

More Sweatshirt Strips !!!
Continuing my BRP/archeological dig, I uncovered the basket that contained ALL the strips I had cut for the sweatshirt project. Holy Cow! What am I going to do?

This fabric was the inspiration for the fabrics I pulled for the jacket.

Inspiration fabric

I still have over a yard of it left so I'm thinking about cutting large squares, either 6 or 8 inches, to alternate with 36- or 64-patch squares. Not the most creative solution, but it doesn't require a lot of thought. If any of my readers has a better solution, chime in 'cause I won't get to this till later this month.

I really don't want to just add this treasure trove to the 1-1/2" strip bin ...

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  1. I've got medallions on the brain lately, so is there a medallion-y kind of thing you could do? Though I love those purple 16s...

  2. Wow! You were busy cutting strips when you were preparing for that sweatshirt project. Your idea is good, or what about a trip around the world? Whatever you decide on will be lovely.

  3. Congrats on your cleanup progress. That's a lot of strips! How about alternating your 64 patch squares with hourglass blocks using a very dark purple. The dark triangles will stand out and make stars. You could even use some of your lightest strips to make string-pieced units for the opposite sides of the hourglass blocks. I love your color palette, so whatever you decide will look great.

  4. Sounds like you have a pretty good plan for using up those strips. I love the colors you were working with.


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