Saturday, May 7, 2016

Not Exactly Scraps

But Scrappy, Nevertheless

Early in the week I set about assessing and addressing a 2-year-old UFO that had taken residence in a pile on my sewing table -- a new version of Wink & a Smile

Wink & a Smile
In my assessment I determined that I had WAY over-estimated how many strips I would need to make the 9-patches for W&aS.  My solution to this plethora of patches was to make a second quilt that I'm calling Chex Mix

Chex Mix
The blocks will alternate between various light and dark backgrounds. I can see from the photo that my dark sample lacks contrast so I need to check on the blocks I have kitted up to make sure the effort will be worth the outcome. As for this lonely dark block, if I can't balance him out with others, he'll probably go on the back.

Leftover leftovers
While I didn't start with scraps to make W&aS, I'm utilizing the leftovers in not one, but two bonus quilts! I have about 20 9-patches left and this pile of remnant pieces that may go into a border.  I can guarantee that they are NOT going into a pile or a box.

Linking up with Angela at soscrappy for Scrap Happy Saturday.


  1. A Wink and a Smile was one of the first quilts I made - back in the late 90's! Glad you found a way to use up your extra 9 patches and Chex Mix is a great name for a quilt.

  2. You are always so productive!

  3. I love the Wink and a Smile block and I'm not sure that I've seen it before. What a fun quilt these blocks will make.

  4. Hooray! for bonus quilts. Good luck keeping your resolve about the scraps!!

  5. It's a nice thing to have extra blocks as long as you can cope with them. What is the name of the other gorgeous block? Is it part of A Wink and a Smile? I would love to make that one if it is not too difficult.

  6. You can never go wrong with nine patches! And bonus quilts are just all full of win!
    Go, you!

  7. Sounds like a very solid plan for using up all those extras. I'm looking forward to seeing all the quilts come together.


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