Sunday, May 29, 2016

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Wrap Up - May

Not Easy Being Green

This is the last Sunday in the month of May, the last opportunity to report on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge progress for the month.

It really wasn't until recent days that I was able to seriously think about my green scraps. I haven't even opened the green scrap box, but I did manage to make ten 6-1/2" string blocks from the string bucket.

Green Strings
I usually try to find a UFO that includes the color of the month, but I couldn't find one this month, until .... my friend Diana mentioned that she had dug out her unfinished One Block Wonder to work on. Thus inspired, I dug mine out only to discover that there's a lot of green in it!

OBW from Jane Sassaman "Sunshine and Shadows"
It's more of an olive green than a forest or evergreen, but I'm counting it.

If I can come up with a pleasing layout in the next few days I might even have a finished top for the month.

One Block Wonder

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  1. Good luck on your OMG and congrats on a nice crop of String blocks!!

  2. A OBW is on my list for this year. Yours is looking great - I am interested in a photo of the original fabric. I like seeing the before and after for a OBW

  3. Such lovely string blocks. Glad you managed to find your UFO. Looks like a fun one.

  4. What a great find before the end of the month! I hope you can gt it sewn into a top before too long.

  5. Good luck with the layout - it looks like the blocks will be fun to play with!
    And those happy green strings look great!

  6. Those string blocks are so happy! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  7. Yay!for green!! I think you have a great idea of working on a UFO with the same color as the scrap challenge. Killing two birds with one color!

  8. Such nice colorful string blocks, and you were indeed lucky to find that fascinating One Block piece. Good luck on working with that.

  9. I like how your One Block Wonder quilt is taking shape - how much yardage did you need for this?

  10. You got more green done that I did LOL!!! Can't wait to see your One Block Wonder - that is such a fun quilt, but a lot of work!

  11. Love your string blocks. So fun having your friend remind you of a UFO. good luck getting her finished.

  12. Lots of pretty greens in those string blocks. You've done such a good job of organizing and finishing up those UFOs. You'll be already to start something fun when you get finished.


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