Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Retreat Update

Almost time to go home

OK, I can scratch #1 (Borders on Smith Mountain Morning) off my list -- not because I finished, but because I screwed up! When I was packing the project I grabbed the largest chunk of muslin that I figured I could cut the inner border from.

Well, it turned out to be crappy fabric -- very thin, stretchy, and ravelly. I tried to convince myself that everything would be OK once I got the outer border on. NOT!

If I tried to square up this corner I'd lose most of the inner border; if I just went ahead and added the last border, the whole dang quilt would be cattywompus. So after five hours of effort I put it all away figuring I needed to be in a better frame of mind before I decide if I wanted to tear the whole mess off and start over or just do some surgery on this, the worst of the four corners.

BUT I DID finish #2 - Last border on Summer Heat!!!!

Summer Heat - design by Nancy Mahoney
I especially love the border fabric which is also in the corners of the blocks. It reminds me of spinning fireworks.

That was the first afternoon and evening. On Tuesday I set to working on Chex Mix. I had stitched all the sew-n-flip corners at home with the intention of doing a second row of stitching to make bonus triangles once I got to retreat. After doing only one of the 35 blocks, I decided it would be faster to just trim carefully and use them as leaders/enders.

What I thought would be a one-day project -- considering the 9-patches were made, the sew-n-flip corners were stitched, and the blocks all kitted up -- has taken two days. Couldn't have anything to do with all the shenanigans and frivolity by any chance, would it?

With the remaining hours of today I'll have this together.

Chex Mix

We've had a great time. Tomorrow when I get home I'll give you a look at what everyone accomplished.

Apologies to those who have commented on recent posts; I'm waiting till I get home to give them their proper due.


  1. LOVE that Summer Heat, including the fabric! The Chex Mix is looking good, too. Sorry about the muslin; it's so frustrating when you realize you can't finish something at the retreat because of something like that. Glad you have enjoyed the rest of it. At least you could just stay in and stay warm. Sharon B in Franklin

  2. Smith Mountain Morning has had it in for your from the beginning, right?
    Sound like you had fun otherwise!

  3. I just realized there are phrases in the border fabric of Smith Mountain Morning! How fun! Sorry you are fighting with those borders, but the quilt is going to be gorgeous when you are finished. You are right about Summer Heat spinning. Wow! That quilt is stunning.

  4. Bummer about the issue with the muslin, but that border print with the words is perfect for Smith Mountain Morning. It sounds like the shenanigans & frivolity made up for the disappointment. Summer Heat is gorgeous - such a pretty combination of colors & fabrics; I love it.

  5. I've read the posts about Summer Heat and I know you are soooooo happy to have the top finished. Sorry about SMM, though. Chex Mix looks like fun, with the floating triangles.

  6. Summer Heat has a lot of "wow" factor. Beautifully done! Looks like you made pretty good progress, even with the misstep on the fabric.

  7. Great progress and 'cattywompus' is a new word for me, but I shall be using it a lot from now on. I love that border print too.


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