Thursday, August 24, 2017

Epic Retreat

Wrap Up

No, it wasn't really Epic.  We were short a few people, in fact.  But it seems like EVERYTHING else around Nashville is EPIC these days so why not an Epic Retreat?

First we had the confluence of the CMA Festival and the Stanley Cup Playoffs in one weekend on Lower Broad in June.  Epic.

Then there was the 4th of July Fireworks that went on for almost 40 minutes, #1 in the nation according to some reports.  EPic.

Then we drew over 150,000 people to two soccer games in late July.  EPIc.

And, of course, on Monday, the Eclipse where we witnessed 2 whole minutes of Totality.  EPIC!

Anyway, the S'mores annual retreat was a great success, much fun was had by all who were able to attend.  And several nice projects were finished or started.  So here's the parade (warning - photo heavy).

Sena-1's Teton View
Sena-2's Original Seascape
Nancy's Granny's Stars
Charlie's Tumblers
Donna's 9-Patch Beauty
Sharon's A-6 Mystery
Frances' Big Star (sorry I didn't get the pattern name)
Ruth's Shirt Off His Back

Thought I had a picture of Shirley's trees -- oh, well.  I also forgot to get a photo of Becky's mini Fall wall hanging, too.  She decorates her work cubicle with seasonal quilts!  (And she's retiring in March so she can play with us more often!)

Sandy and Diana had small hand projects and Kristen, who's also a paper crafter, made cute little flowers for us to stick on our machines.

Yes, two Senas -- mother/daughter.  And Kristen is Donna's daughter.

This was one of those retreats where almost everyone worked on only one big project.  I guess I was the exception.  Scroll back through my posts to see what I worked on.


  1. Libby, I've enjoyed reading your posts from your retreat! Haven't had much time to comment because my mom has been here. Looks like everyone has gotten a lot done! I really liked the Granny Squares quilt and also all the versions of the A6 quilt! Those giant stars are really neat!

  2. Wow!That's a good summation of our retreat. I didn't see your neutral squares; that must have happened when I was binding my Strip Twist. It was a fun retreat, and everyone seemed to accomplish most of what they wanted to get done. Sharon B in Franklin

  3. You got a lot done, all that binding! Sounds like everyone had a great time. There's some fun and pretty projects being worked on.


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