Sunday, August 20, 2017

Stuck in Neutral

I made absolutely no progress on my neutral Gypsy-ish quilt last week --- other than getting the finished blocks pressed.  I'm liking the effect, seeing them all together.

Neutral - in the style of "Gypsy Wife"
Monday was catchup day from our trip to Savannah with laundry and all that goes with it.  Tuesday I got emission test, tires rotated, and renewed my tags.

Actually, got a NEW tag!  GS-3 is on the autism spectrum and I am so grateful for all the support and therapy he has received.

AND I drove to the next county to pick up a quilt from the LAQ.

I have no idea where Wednesday went. Oh, now I remember ... I finally started working on the round robin (due on Saturday).  This one was a puzzler.  (Sorry, I thought I had a before picture.)  I had an idea of what I wanted to add from something I had seen, didn't take a picture when I saw it, and couldn't remember how it went.  After a few false starts, I called the shop where I had seen it, but the gal there was clueless (though she did try).

In the end I went with a bit of improv inspired by the quilt's originator.  My addition is the top and left side.  You may be able to guess whose quilt this is.

Thursday I was able to make several bindings before heading out for an afternoon of bridge.  Friday I took Mr. Hillside to the retina specialist for a follow-up visit.  The drops have helped, but he still needs to continue the drops for another 6 weeks.

Saturday was the Music City Modern guild meeting and destashing yard sale.  I wasn't going to buy anything but a fat baggie of neutral scraps was calling my name. 

In the end it was free because the owner of the neutrals bought a book from me that cost more!  The scraps are all washed and pressed, and I've started cutting/kitting 10 more blocks to take to retreat this week.

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  1. Part of me envies you being at the totality. But, honestly, I'll be happy to see it on tv! We awoke to clouds and they don't seem to be going anywhere. It may be a bust here. I like your neutral blocks. Oh, and look at that great stack of neutral scraps. Happy quilting!


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