Wednesday, August 2, 2017

OMG - August

Keeping it simple

I have only one obvious goal for the month of August:  make my addition to Jayne's round robin quilt.  It is due on the third Saturday and since I will be out of town for a week I'd better get going on it!  (I'm not going to show a picture because Jayne wants to be surprised and she does check my blog periodically.)

So that's it! My One Monthly Goal for August 2017.

I will, of course, continue working on Long Time Gone.

Yellow dotty sashing
Tested one of my new sashing choices yesterday and both DH and I agree that the yellow allows the B/W blocks to really stand out on their own as opposed to my original plan to use this rainbow stripe.

Original rainbow sashing
So I spent a bit of time in front of the TV last night taking the sashing off the first section.  DH an.d I also rejected the rainbow stripe as sashing (see first photo) ... too heavy.  So it will probably end up as the binding.

Dutifully reporting my One Monthly Goal to PattyD at Elm Street Quilts.


  1. Oh yeah, love that yellow sashing - good choice!

  2. Into every quilter's life a little unsewing must fall. The yellow really makes the black & white pop.

  3. Long Time Gone is fabulous... and of course I would give a big thumbs up for the yellow sashing... LOL... my favorite color and my go to solution for many a quilt problem. happy stitching-

  4. I love your Long Time Gone blocks with the yellow sashing! That is a good choice! I agree that the striped fabric could be the binding. Nice how it all comes together as you keep trying different things!

  5. The yellow sashing really brings out those blocks. It will be worth all the unstitching. Good luck with your OMG.

  6. Your yellow looks great! My own yellows are still holding the lead, but orange is the next test subject. I'll be dithering up a storm!


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