Tuesday, August 1, 2017

End of the Month - July

How did I do?

Well, first I'll admit that I did not accomplish my one monthly goal which was to complete the top of the Asian Pinwheel.

I wrote about it here, and you may assume that I am still struggling with the memories.  But, in reality, another quilt has taken over my life -- Long Time Gone.

What is it about that quilt that is so addictive?  First it's make some units, then let's see how the block looks.  Next thing you know you want to assemble a section, and it continues!  I don't think I've ever been so driven over a single project.  I even bought more B/W fabrics last week to add some variety to an already very scrappy quilt!

Fortunately, I knocked a few Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks off my list before I jumped into LTG.  I made 3 Chunky Churn Dashes ...

...and 1 Scrap Jar Star.

Since Alycia's A-6 Mystery included blue, I can get a little more credit in the RSC17 column.

Yesterday I came close to finishing Clue 2 of Kevin the Quilter's mystery and it included my take on blue -- a little bit teal.

If you're quilting along with Kevin's mystery, you are probably saying, "Wha? That's not blue, red, and yellow!"  I'm working with a different set of colors; his blue is my gold and his yellow is my teal.  Talk about confusing!  At least my fuscia is in the red family!

That's it for my July.  Now to set some goals for August.

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  1. There are some fun projects being made in your little corner of the quilt world! Your blues are so pretty. That's one color I have very little of in my stash and I love blue!

  2. LTG has taken up most of my time, too, and I don't know why it's so grabby either!
    Love your blues!

  3. Busy times in your sewing room! All of your projects are looking great. I especially like those chunky churn dash blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. LOVE those BLUE blocks for the RSC!! You are a step ahead of me in Kevin's mystery. I dug out scraps, but stalled out at the cutting. Thank goodness, tomorrow is another day! It presents potential for further progress.

  5. Some months you just have to go with the flow. Even if you didn't tackle much on your July goal, you were still really, really productive. Lots of pretties hanging out in your sewing room.

  6. Libby, I am loving your color pallet for Sapphire Stars......or in your case, Amber Stars! I also love your most recent post with the neutral chunky churn dash blocks! I love the idea of an all neutral quilt, and am playing with a version of one myself! Have a great weekend!


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