Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wildlife Wednesday


I am a chigger magnet.

I have never seen one; they are almost microscopic.

But I definitely know I have had an encounter with them.

Mr. Hillside and I walked a property last Friday.  He didn't get one bite, NOT ONE! 
Maybe it's because he's so trim and they prefer to munch on flabby folds.
I am covered from head to toe.
Including my toes.

In full disclosure, I never thought about needing repellant, I wasn't wearing socks,
I didn't shower when I got home, and it was another day before I washed my bedsheets.

The itch is enough to make me insane.
Ivarest to the rescue.


  1. Oh no! My oldest son who lived in Missouri for awhile got bitten by chiggers on the golf course, and I recognize those bites. Hope they don't itch for too long!

  2. Oh, dear. Hope the anti-itch cream works quickly!

  3. Hooray! for summer. Ugh!! The bugs. Hope you are feeling less itchy soon!!

  4. Mosquito magnet here. I hope you got some relief. I have become a HUGE fan of witch hazel - wish I had discovered it years ago. It takes away the itch and IT DOESN'T COME BACK!!!! This is huge for me. Sharon B in Franklin

  5. Oh man, not fun at all. I live with two others who are insect magnets. The bugs seem to leave me alone if I'm with one of them. Hope you are doing much better now.


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