Thursday, August 3, 2017

LTG Update

Take a look!

The yellow sashing is SO much better!

(Wish my lighting in that corner were better.  Hoping to resolve that soon.)

If you've made this quilt you may notice I have put some blocks in different places. 
There are some blocks I don't like and will replace with something of my own choice. 
I figure as long as it fits in the allotted space, it will work!

I spent the better part of today adding yellow sashing to the above sections, after removing the rainbow sashing I had already sewn on.  I also made these six Crosses of the U.K. blocks.

I'm wishing I had used the color in the thinner X stripes; I may make some more
if they stand out too much in their final location.

That's probably all I'll be doing this week, other that maybe adding
more sashing to another finished section.


  1. The yellow is it! I liked the multi colored sashing, but then I saw the yellow. Beautiful!

  2. The yellow makes it so dramatic! Love it

  3. Yellow is a big yep! Hard for me to let go of that crazy multi-color stripe, but gotta admit the yellow is better.
    I've substituted a couple of blocks, too. I'm all done but the checkerboards. Though like you, I may do over a couple of the Crosses of the UK. It's a fun enough block to make that I won't mind having a few extras on hand!

  4. The yellow works really, really well. Happy stitching this weekend.

  5. Another big yes for the yellow - it looks perfect.


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