Saturday, August 26, 2017

Last Neutral Saturday

Somehow I don't think I've seen the end of my neutral scraps.  Look what came from Craftsy last week!
Rolls of 6" precut strips
In between all my retreat projects (read about those here and here), I cranked out a lot of checkerboard chunks and four more blocks for my Almost Gypsy Wife.

An observant reader noticed a misplaced HST in Contrary Wife (thanks, Shirl S).  Happy to report it has been fixed!

However,  I didn't have a picture of the block with me so apparently I created an entirely different block!

And not just that one; I was also way off base with Cotton Reels, as well.

Oh, well.  My inspiration for this neutral version came from Pinterest.

Gypsy Wife by Jo Ann Benedetti

Nann (With Strings Attached) not only reminded me that the inspiration quilt was made by Jo Ann Bennedetti, she also sent me a link to another neutral beauty by Linda at Pieceful Kingdom.

Gypsy Wife by Linda M
I love the black bits mixed in.  I think I'll do the same.

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  1. Love these neutral Gypsy Wives. Your personal spin on the blocks is cute.

  2. Good for you - maybe neutral month is about BUYING more neutrals, LOL, although you have done some incredibly lovely blocks with them, too!

  3. Your blocks look great, Libby, even if they aren't quite the same as the directions! I also loved seeing your inspiration for the neutral gypsy wife idea.

  4. The neutral Gypsy Wives are very pretty. You've made good progress, even if you didn't get the blocks exactly the same. Your's will be unique, which I always think is the most fun of seeing how different people interpret the same pattern.

  5. I suppose with gray in your version, black might fit in. I read those dark bits in Linda's example as being a dark brown. That makes more sense to me in a NEUTRAL quilt. Brown, beige, cream... Either way, it's an extremely cool quilt!!

  6. The neutral versions of this quilt are beautiful. So peaceful and calming to look at. I love the darker pops, too.

  7. I aspire to create a Gypsy's Wife quilt - I just had to Pin that neutral one.

  8. Don't ever want to use ALL your neutrals! We need them everywhere. :)

  9. You welcome about the Contrary Wife catch.I have made a quilt to the point of finished before I saw a turned piece so I have no idea how I picked that out!!! LOL Happy Piecing!

  10. Thanks for sharing Linda and Jo Ann's lovely neutral Gypsy Wife quilts. You and they have inspired me to play more with my neutral scraps.

  11. The new scrappy goodness will be a great infusion for your GWIN (that's Gypsy Wife in Neutral). And thanks for the WSA promo.

  12. I like your repaired block; it looks happier now. Lol on the other block. Are you leaving it or resewing it? Have fun with the rest of it. Sharon B in Franklin


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