Monday, April 16, 2018

Catching up

Life in Between

There was a lot going on last week and I feel like I have left a few things dangling on the blog. It's time to catch up.

The Class on Thursday with Yvonne Fuchs/Quilting Jetgirl was a half-day workshop focusing mostly on value (light/medium/dark) and fabric selection.

Yvonne Fuchs
Even with all my cutting done before the class, I didn't accomplish very much.  The pattern, Wayward Transparency, is not difficult -- just half-square triangles, squares, and rectangles -- but the block assembly requires a lot of attention to position and I managed to get several HSTs turned the wrong way.  I'm sure that's never happened to you (wink-wink).

Beginning of Wayward Transparency
Even with HSTs misplaced, at least you can get an idea of the 3 shades of fuchsia I am working with.  The class was at a small shop near Cookeville, about 1.5 hours from Nashville.  Since I couldn't drive myself, a fellow guild member provided transportation and we had a delightful time getting to know each other better during the commute.

The Ankle is not totally out of confinement yet.

Ankle Brace
On Friday the doctor told me to ditch the walker and start putting my full weight on the booted foot for 10 days.  (Frankly, I was already doing that most of the time around the house.)  Then next Sunday I graduate to the ankle brace.  I'm hoping the follow-up visit with Orthodoc on May 4 will be the last!

The New House.  Mr. Hillside and I continue to split our time between House 1 (current permanent address) and House 2 (future permanent home, a/k/a the lake house or house at the Glade).  I realize I'm not always clear where I am when I post here on the blog and I apologize.  Soon after I'm released from the doctor, we will make the new house our permanent abode.  Or as permanent as it can be with limited furnishings ...

Each time we make the 2-hour drive to House 2 we bring a van load of stuff from House 1 in an attempt to declutter it enough to put it on the market.  So far we have moved 90% of our studios and about half the kitchen.  Even with the best planning it seems there is always something we want or need at "the other house"!

We drove up Friday afternoon in order to avoid the severe storms that were predicted to come across the state on Saturday.  Nashville was spared, but Son-2's family in Arkansas was right in the path of the storm so it was a tense night.  I hope my readers were spared from all the wild weather on Friday and Saturday.

On Saturday DH unloaded the van before the storms rolled into East TN and then he treated me to a birthday dinner at one of the Glade's two community club restaurants.  On Sunday Son-1 and wife took us to lunch at the other club restaurant.  They had spent the weekend visiting several state parks in East TN.

DH and I spent much of Sunday assembling a rolling kitchen island.

You know, a big kitchen is nice, but when you have to cross the great divide to get freshly chopped vegetables over to the stove or need to find a landing zone for groceries to go in the fridge, an island is nicer.  My birthday gift from my Main Man!

The weather. What's up with this?

Scene at House 2 this morning
Fortunately the snow showers have stopped and most of the accumulation has melted.  DH drove back to Nashville this morning to pick up another load.  Temps will be below freezing by the time he gets back and there are several big hills between the highway and the lake ...

Are you as ready for Spring as I am?


  1. A fellow Chicagoan wrote, "It's not the 16th of April. It's the 96th of January." Brrr!

  2. We got some of that annoyance snow this morning. Spring can't come soon enough... *sigh*

  3. Happy Birthday, Libby!! Ready for Spring? You bet!!!

  4. The weather is weird all over. I like your swanky kitchen island - what a great idea. The class with Yvonne sounds fun, though I know my triangles would all be the wrong way round!

  5. Happy belated birthday! Glad that things are going in the right direction with the ankle, hopefully not much longer before you are back to normal. I'm ready for spring too.


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