Wednesday, June 26, 2019

It's a Flimsy

Two -Fabric Bargello

2-Fabric Bargello
Flame Swirl (Two-Fabric Bargello)
Begun 6/10/19, finished 6/22/19.
Designer:  Susie Wever

I may (or may not) add a border.  I was working with fabric in my stash so I made the smallest version (Swirl-not shown).  It is so skinny that I think it will be fine as a wall hanging with just a binding.


  1. Beautiful! Love the optical illusion - it really looks 3-D!

  2. That's beautiful, Libby! I love the simple swirl of yours (although I know it can't have been simple to make)! It will make a great wall-hanging.

  3. It will make a gorgeous wall hanging! So striking.


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