Sunday, June 16, 2019

Talk About a Mixed Bag ...

But it's mostly scraps!

Design Wall - June 15-16, 2019
I've been jumping from one thing to another these days.  I have this incredible desire to clean up messes and use up scraps.

On the right is Dawn to Dusk (from More Nickel Quilts).  The blues are all from my 2.5" scrap strips; the white is Grunge yardage from my stash.  Since this photo, I have added one more row and am now 4 seams shy of a quilt!  Unless I decide to add borders ... more on that in another post.

In the middle you see some of my Tiny Tuesday blocks.   I have been trying to make two each week, one in reverse values.  Some blocks just didn't lend themselves to that, like the owl.  Some weeks, like the bear claw bow tie, I was lucky to finish just one.  And then there are the weeks I said "forget that!"   The light backgrounds will get a dark grey Grunge sashing; the dark backgrounds will get a light grey Grunge sashing.  Then there's the issue of straight versus on-point.   I thought halfway through the year was a good time to assess how many blocks I have, their orientation, and sashing color.  That's tomorrow's project. 

On the left is one of two new scrap projects underway.  In one of my scrap-user-system drawers  (what a joke!) I discovered a stash of 4" (finished) 4-patches.  So I pulled a "neutral" green from my stash -- everything in nature goes with green, you know -- and what you see is the beginning of a twin-size quilt.

Also on the scrappy front, I made two more buckeye stars ...

... and two Tiny Tuesday blocks ...

It was another of "those" weeks and I have a lot to catch you up on, but for now I'll just leave you with best wishes for all the dads out there and best memories for those of us who only have memories of our dads.

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  1. I am a BIG fan of BLUE and white quilts!! Actually, I'm loving ALL of your projects. Best of luck deciding what to do with the one from More Nickel Quilts! I have that book, too. Must. NOT! Start another project.

  2. Fun to get a peak at all your projects! I am not successful at any kind of scrap user's system, if it involves cutting large numbers of pieces ahead to store away - I just get bored with that! Eventually the pieces get cut up and used, don't they? :) I love your TT cross blocks - pretty in both colorways.

  3. The soft, blend-y greens are very appealing. I can imagine a floral (sunflowery sort of thing) applique in one corner....


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