Friday, June 7, 2019


One of those weeks

We've all had them.  Weeks with "something" scheduled every day, just enough to interfere with an otherwise productive day in the sewing room.  The "15-minutes to Stitch" approach is helping, however.

Monday it was an hour drive each way to the retina doctor for Mr. Lakeside.  Good news: he's back to one drop once a day (instead of two twice a day).  In the sewing room, I cut pieces for three Buckeye Stars and made a pile of tiny 4Ps in dark blue.

Tuesday was Devo and Sew. Even though I set up my machine to sew more 2" strip sets, I ended up spending the day cutting chunks for 4-patches.  At home I cut pieces for three Double Shot blocks and made a blue TT butterfly.

Wednesday, my last chiropractor visit -- not that I'm entirely healed in the back, but he did manage to improve my carpal tunnel symptoms.  Rather than apply to Medicare for extended service, I'm going to try to fix my issues with lifestyle changes.  Specifically, losing weight, walking more, and sewing less.  (Ouch, it hurts to even say that!)  Once home, I stitched the pile of 4Ps I cut on Tuesday.  I can't wait to show you my plan for them!

70 4-patches
Thursday I spent the morning checking out a possible new venue for the guild classes when we have a professional teacher.  Our normal meeting place is a church that does not allow sales which, of course, is one of the ways itinerant teachers make their money.  Once home, I assembled three Double Shot blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Chllenge.

Double Shot (Double X)
Finally, Friday!  A free day.  My plan was to hit a half-price plant sale in a nearby town, but it is raining so hard right now -- yes, it's finally raining after almost 4 weeks without any -- that I'm tempted to stay home and sew .... in 15-minute increments.


  1. So sorry to hear you need to sew less to help your carpal tunnel issues, although that does make sense. Sounds like short bits of time spent sewing every now and then will help, plus I bet you will get more done that way than you expect! Your blue blocks are lovely, Libby! I'm enjoying this switch to cool blue!

  2. Sew less?? Say it isn't so! We do have to make changes at times and at times they are difficult changes. Maybe breaking up the sewing like you did this week will help. Love your block!

  3. LOVE that dynamic Double Shot block!!! Sorry you were have one of those "overbooked" weeks. Regarding sewing less... It's the CUTTING that will do you in, more so than the actual sewing!


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