Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wildlife Wednesdy

This baby robin fledged a little early.  Mom and Dad nowhere in sight.

Baby Robin
Apparently he/she flew into the window and had the breath knocked out of him/her.  It finally was able to fly away unassisted .. no thanks to its parents ...


  1. We have a lot of baby birds around our yard right now - fun to see them! Looks like it might be raining at your house...

  2. The purple finch baby's around here are still tucked safely in their nest. Glad to hear that baby robin found his (or her) wings!

  3. Birds, even the tiny ones, are surprisingly hardy.
    I loved your last post and applaud your efforts to deal with a physical problem with possible lifestyle changes. I really hope you can do that Libby. So much better than drugs (but no judgement here, if you need them, you need them). Who knows perhaps with such changes you might make a full recovery with lots of sewing well into the future. Meanwhile pacing yourself seems to be working well...still a fine production line going on. And good news for Hubby too!

  4. You'd enjoy the book Mozart's Starling by Lyanda Lynn Haupt. A little about Mozart, a lot of starlings (including Carmen, the one that Haupt raised from a chick).


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