Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Wildlife Wednesday

Fly away!

A couple of butterflies were enjoying my marigolds on Sunday before I got them planted.

I haven't seen them since the flowers were planted.

The spots on the top side of their wings was a beautiful iridescent blue.  
Which inspired me to make another Tiny Tuesday butterfly.

Blue butterflies mean "love"
Cut by my revised measurement, this one turned out 1/4" too long!  
In case you haven't made yours yet, the lower lobes should be 2.5" square.  

I also made an attempt at a Buckeye Star in blue.

Buckeye Star
I can see that I need to have more value contrast between the 4Ps and HSTs.  
And I noticed that in the orange stars I didn't match up the 4Ps.  
I'm glad I did a trial run before I whipped through all three.  
This one may end up on the back.


  1. I have a flower garden where marigolds come up every year, and one day, a couple years ago, it was full of Painted Lady butterflies - we had an explosion of them all at once! I don't know butterflies well enough to know if that's what you've got there, but they are pretty! You found the perfect fabric for your blue TT butterfly's wings, too.

  2. love your butterfly block that is so cute - the Buckeye is still a favorite

  3. Pretty dark BLUE butterfly!! Better luck next time with the Buckeye block. Although, I think the lower contrast works fine, too.


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