Friday, October 16, 2020

It has a REAL Name!

Churn Dash

Thanks to Sandy at Sew High I now know the source of my Colorado Lily quilt!  It is a design by Kim Brackett that appears in her book, Scrap-Basket Sensations: More Great Quilts from 2-1/2" Strips, which she called Churn Dash.  I used to own that book -- even made a quilt or two from it -- but I don't remember that pattern.

But to me it will always look more like flowers than a churn dash so it will remain Colorado Lily. 

I assembled the last two rows yesterday and will work on the horizontal sashing this afternoon.  Gayle/Mangofeet suggested floral fabrics in the cornerstones and that is one of the options I had considered so I'll give that a test run.  I'm afraid that might make the cornerstones too "literal" in the flower interpretation and detract from the larger "flowers."  We'll see.


  1. Love how this is coming together!

  2. Whatever you call it, I love it. But I would not use "flowery" for the cornerstones. But it is YOUR quilt, so YOU get to decide what to do :-)

  3. Love it too. How about making corner stones in center of leaves that will suggest buds opening. You could use something that reads as a solid. Want ever you use will look stunning.

  4. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

  5. Nice progress, Libby! Kudos to Sandy for tracking down the pattern source.

  6. Beautiful blocks! Floral corner stones would make a nice addition. Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt top.


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