Monday, September 12, 2016

Down the Rabbit Hole

Another Case of QADD

Please tell me I'm not the only one with Quilter's ADD!
Here's the route I have taken down the rabbit hole over the last week:

1.  Survey UFOs for potential One Monthly Goal.  I chose one and made quick progress on Star Gazing.

Star Gazing
2.  Put second UFO on design wall.  With my quick success on project 1, I put the blocks for Jubilee up where I could start thinking about the next step.

I felt the white grunge background was boring and couldn't find another suitable sashing fabric.  No, let me amend that -- I didn't like the blocks well enough to put the effort into finding something. (Also, last two borders are still not on Project 1!)

3. Put unloved blocks in the "Adopt Me" bin.  So I decided to put those twenty 11" blocks up for adoption when the Orphan Adoption Event begins later this week.

Oh, wait! What's this? A sandwich bag filled with jewel-tone 45-degree diamonds that I cut for Hunter's Star about 10 years ago.

4.  Design modern/minimalist quilt using diamonds.  Wouldn't those diamonds look nice set in a solid gray background? Surely my experience with 60-degree diamonds can be translated to 45-degrees ... I wonder what it would look like ... hmmm, I don't have the right shade of gray ...

5.  Drive to fabric store.  Four yards of Kona Silver should do the trick!  Got a good start on the diamonds -- some on the side, some on the point -- but I ask myself, How to arrange them? Should I have an organized pattern? Should I have an organized color scheme?

Diamond Dew Drops
6. Step across to husband's side of the studio to get a better perspective.  Say, wonder what's in that box labeled "9-Patch Bonanza." It's the leftovers from Cbex Mix which was made from leftover 9-patches from Wink & a Smile (still unfinished, by the way).

7. Finish making 31 more 9-patches.  Why not? The box was open, the strips and squares were there, it won't take much time ...

In the end I couldn't decide on a setting so it went back into the stack of boxes.  Gosh, I really should do something about this mess he has to look at all the time ...

Projects on the hearth -- why not?
So I reorganized this area.

8. Inventory all UFOs.  In keeping with my recent pledge to leave myself more notes, I decided to look in every project box to see what needed to be done. I know! I'll make a spreadsheet where I can prioritize UFOs based on the amount of effort needed to complete ....

This all transpired over the course of a week and the last two borders are still not on Star Gazing!

It's been a busy and eclectic design wall lately so I'll link up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.


  1. I really like the direction those diamonds are taking. Great use of those old bits.

  2. Wow! Your QADD has kicked in big time! I'm glad I'm not the only one that runs from project to project at times. Now that you are organized, it will be easier to finish some of your UFO's. Enjoy!!

  3. PS... your diamonds are looking great! I love the randomness of the design you have now.

  4. If I tried to get organized I'd never get anything done at all... 8)
    Your Jubilee just needs a *big* set - like with alternating giant hourglasses rotated to form star points, or maybe on point with columns on a half-drop.
    No, no, ignore me. If you do that, you won't do the diamonds, and I'm really interested in seeing how those diamonds turn out!

  5. Yes, QADD strikes again. But it sure is fun, isn't it?!!! Good luck finding new homes for your adoptable projects.

  6. Wow. Are those all WIPs in those boxes on the hearth?

  7. You had me hooked looking at star gazing. Love that block. OMG. I probably have as many UFOs or maybe not but I keep them in less obvious containers. More like a ziplock bag I can discreetly stash in a bin with other projects so it isn't so obvious. Good luck. The diamonds look good. So many quilters are like Dora isn't that a nice qui...oh look at this patter... I love this fabric. I'm either Doea or a raccoon -- lovely shiny object!

  8. wow! That looks great while it sits and simmers. I did the spreadsheet thing, and listed where to find the ufo. Can't say I didn't continue to make ufo's but I might have finished a few too. I felt better about it. Yours looks so much tidier than my stack. LeeAnna

  9. I've had some ADD going on lately too! It leads to forward movement on a lot of fronts and eveuntually, a lot of finshes! I love how you store your UFOs.


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