Thursday, June 4, 2020

Ahhh ...

Bahh !!

Someone is coming Saturday to look at the Murphy bed.  (The guy that sells them doesn't have a showroom where she can see the product.)  I thought it was wise to do a little cleaning.  I'll wait till the last minute to take down the design wall in the sewing room as it is mounted to the front of the bed.

So I've spent some time yesterday and today straightening the stash and culling out some pieces I am no longer in love with.

You know what that means, don't you?  I kept thinking of new projects.  I even shelved some compatible fabrics together as inspiration, but I haven't let myself even think about a pattern for any of them!

It turns out the sizing of the three bear's paw blocks was SO bad that I have basically had to rebuild them all.  I was a new quilter when I started that project (almost 20 years ago) and my seam allowance left a lot to be desired!  It also looks like I used 40 wt. thread that may run when laundered so I plan to use lots of Color Catchers when I wash the table runner.

I made a new, more colorful block to replace this really dark one.

I think this new one will really brighten and balance the final setting.

I'll probably make the discarded block into a hot pad for the table.  Hoping to have this one all together by tomorrow so that I can get the design wall down and clean up the sewing room.  I'll be having the first guest to use the bed in a couple of weeks so this will be a good time to get the linens on it, as well.


  1. I love your new block! That pop of orange really makes it shine. What's the point of having a stash if it isn't going to inspire us? As I was organizing my Christmas fabrics the other day, I came up with all kinds of ideas of things I could make. :)

  2. The fabric shelves look SEW good, Libby! How many guests are you having that you'll need to use "my" bed, too?!?!

  3. It's always hard to stop and clean up, but you've done a great job of it. Enjoy your clean sewing space. Your block rebuilds worked out beautifully. Happy stitching this weekend.

  4. Who knew you were the auxiliary showroom for a murphy bed?
    I love your snazzy bear paws!

  5. When bears come to dinner looks like an amazing project, Libby. You are just the one to handle those points. Looks like the clean out and getting down the bed will work to advantage.


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