Sunday, June 28, 2020

Meanwhile ...

Back at the Alphabet

The plus side of my working my way through the alphabet is that I have been very productive.  The downside is I've been easily distracted -- not by shiny things, but by beautiful fabrics that have been hiding away in project boxes.  

If I remember correctly, I had made it through F - Flying Geese.  I despised that fabric so much I totally ditched that project.

Oh, wait, I made it through G by finishing Gypsy Wife a/k/a Corona Wife.

But the curves in Glorified/Improved 9-Patch are still staring at me from the side table.

All of the Hs remain in the box ...

... though I do use Happy Surprise as L/Es some days.  Jo Kramer/Jo's Country Junction  coincidentally showed a completed Harriet's Legacy quilt today and I am struggling with the temptation to get back to that one.  It's a medallion style with rounds of different blocks so it would be easy to work on one round at a time and to stop when I have had enough ... Can you tell I'm wavering?

That brings me up to J.

Jack's Chain has intrigued me for years.  I got as far as constructing one block.

All the bright triangles are cut and stripsets are waiting to make more 9-patches.

My dilemma is figuring out the best way to put the blocks together.  I have accumulated several patterns and magazine articles on the subject, but it doesn't look easy.  Nevertheless, I am barging ahead with the 9-patches, using them as leader/enders.

Jenn's Journey is close to the assembly point. 

You can see on the picture that I plan to do just one quadrant of the quilt.  I "cheated" a bit in the class by using some finished snail's trail blocks purloined from another ill-fated project.

They aren't the exact size of the pattern so I was having to make some adjustments in the sizes of the SiS and diamonds.  If I remember correctly, I was not happy with my fabric selection for the diamonds.  I really should move this one to completion as a table topper.  That will be my goal for this week!


  1. I've been making 9-patches for a Jack's Chain, too. They're slowly piling up alongside the hexagons and triangles that I cut each time I'm cutting a fabric for something else. I'm thinking of it as slowly building a Jack's Chain kit...
    Looks like you've gotten at least the G's wrestled into submission - good luck with J!

  2. I love the Jacks Chain and have been intrigued with that one and wonder the best way to put it together - I think for me I would end up hand piecing the units together :)

  3. Another great batch of projects, Libby! Looking forward to seeing the progress you will make.

  4. Looks like I can chime right in and say that I've been intrigued by the Jack's Chain design for awhile, too. But I've never even looked at the pattern or tried a block. I'd better put that on my list!

  5. Libby, Weaver Fever is stunning. Love to see you troll the alphabet like this. You have so many lovely projects, all of them waiting patiently for their turn.

  6. I would be making that one Jack's Chain into a table centerpiece and use the 9 patches for something else. I don't think there is an easy way to sew that block together. I have always like the pattern too but life is too short to add that to my list. With all of the H's you have to do you have plenty of time to make a decision. I admire your alphabetizing and labeling all of the projects.

  7. Your UFOs are amazingly well organized! Have fun with your snail's trail this week.

  8. Sue Pawlowski, d/b/a Jack Squares Studio, came to our guild for a trunk show and a Jack's Chain workshop. I bought the templates and I have some blocks cut out . . .

  9. You are doing so well on working through your well labeled UFOs. Any finish is a win, so good luck on what ever project you decide to work on.


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