Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Danger, Will Robinson!

Cleaning can be dangerous

Forgive me for regressing a bit.  I found another B UFO!  You might be able to see that big container at the end of my work table ...

 I got most of the table cleared off before this morning -- except for that large container (actually a drawer from a 3-drawer rolling unit) which is barely visible in the lower photo.  It contained pieces and parts from two or three projects that all used a combination of dark teal and orange fabrics. 

With some spare time this morning, I decided to reshelve some of the fabrics that are too pretty to be hidden away in a drawer, out of sight.

The unfinished projects included a feathered star that I started at a Runaway Retreat in the early 2000s.  The other project was a bear paw sampler from roughly the same time period.

I had finished three blocks.  I remember I had an issue with size on one of the blocks which is probably why the project ground to a halt.  We were working from this book:

Thinking that I could possibly turn the three finished blocks into a table runner, I flipped through the book for ideas.  Voila!

I guess that's what I'll be working on next!


  1. love your Bear Paws plus - I had not seen this one before

  2. "When Bears Come to Dinner" - love it! That would be the perfect use for those neat blocks!

  3. A clean work table, ORANGE fabric, and Bear Paw blocks? What a wonderful day!!! :o))

  4. You're right, those fabrics are too pretty to hide away in a drawer! The table runner is a great idea for those orphan blocks. Congrats on the clean table!

  5. A squirrel cleverly disguised as a bear, eh?


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