Thursday, June 18, 2020

Retreat Day Three

I didn't accomplish a whole lot.  I had a big box of orphans and bits of brown and blue that I was hoping to work into some semblance of unity but the pieces were so disparate that no vision came to mind.  It couldn't possibly been caused by the chaos on my table ...

... or under my feet ...

So I referred to Medallion Quilts: Inspiration & Patterns and was suitably inspired.  I began the process with a large leftover block from one of my Wink & a Smile quilts.  First, I had to replace the four corners that somehow, some way, for some reason had been removed.

Again I had trouble with quilty math and had to manipulate frames to get things to fit so this is as far as I got with the project.

The others have been hard at work so I'll show some pics.

Donna's Frolic

Donna's Magical Mystery


  1. Thanks for sharing Donna's projects, Libby. SEW pretty!! But WHY did you share someone else's table spot? I can't imagine that mess is yours! :P

  2. I like where your medallion is going. Glad you found inspiration to get you started.

  3. Wow, serious stitching at that retreat, Libby. Beauties being produced.

  4. Love your orphan medallion! Very pretty quilts in the works across the room.


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