Sunday, June 7, 2020

World's Longest Table Runner?

You do the math ...

It looked so small in the picture!

I forgot the blocks finish at 14".

And the sashing finishes at 2".

And, being set on-point, they are half-again as big.
(multiply x 1.414)

And there are three blocks.

Yep!  71 inches!


  1. It's beautiful, Libby! I love the colors of your fabrics. That orange really makes the whole design pop and gives it such light.

  2. If it's too long for a table or a sideboard then it can be a bed runner. Nice save for those blocks! And I really like the setting shooflies.

  3. It's beautiful, it's a nice use for those blocks, and it's okay if a table runner hangs over the edges of a table. Nice work!

  4. They look great Libby, and I ditto what Nann said, it could be bed runner!

  5. Oh, but it's so pretty! Sometimes people let runners hang over each end of the table, too.

  6. You've got a long table, right?! :o))

  7. Long but gorgeous!
    (You can always buy a bigger table...)


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