Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Those Pesky Chickens

Here's what happened ...

I keep some fabric collections in plastic 3-drawer units.

In my cleaning dirvish last week I was putting solids back in their proper drawer when I glanced to the right and saw an interesting piece of fabric showing through the clear plastic drawer front.  The drawer was labeled "Panels."  Hmmm ... wonder what's in there ...

Not much, actually, because I had worked through some panels earlier this year.  The fabric that had attracted my attention was grouped with a panel of Jolly Roosters.

And down the rabbit hole I went!  One of the difficulties on working with panels is they are rarely printed perfectly. I first cut them apart and arranged them on the wall.

I decided to trim them to a consistent size that would eliminate the creamy separator strip.  The key word there was consistent!  Seven inches would still leave a little less than 1/4" of the cream showing, assuming they were printed square -- which they weren't!  But I muddled through.

The birds needed some separation for the quilt to be a usable size.  I settled on an hourglass unit and after auditioning several of the fabrics in the "collection," I settled on the black print and grey Grunge.  Two days later I am at this point.

I'll use red Grunge as a narrow stop border and finish with a black border.

But, first, I need to get the house ready for guests.  Several of my Mid-TN friends are stopping over before we all head to a new retreat venue in East TN.  It will be sew nice to see everyone again.  And, yes, we plan to be safely distanced and masked.

Edited - Border now on and back/binding ready to go!


  1. You whipped that up quickly! I really like the Grunge for the alternate blocks and borders!

  2. Cute! Panels with their off-kilter sizes can be challenging but you nailed it. Lucky you to be able to go to a retreat. Have fun!

  3. What a great quilt! I love the fabric you used for the hourglass blocks and one can never go wrong with grunge... especially red!

  4. Love your new 'rabbit'--it is fun sometimes to jump down a rabbit hole and come up with a new rabbit later--great fabric selection for finishing it--
    stay safe, luv, di

  5. Let's hear it for panels and fast finish!! ANYTHING to avoid cleaning, huh, Libby? LOL!

  6. Some squirrels come cleverly disguised as chickens! I love your most recent squirrel!
    Enjoy your company and your retreat!

  7. So glad you followed that rabbit down the hole. You came back up a winner with this little beauty. Excellent job! ♥ it. ;^)

  8. Your quilting muse had an extra cup of coffee -- what a jolt of inspiration! Congratulations on the great design and the quick finish.


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